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Business Coaching

Business coaching brings you a personal and professional satisfaction that is greater than any other type of mentorship or therapy program. Moreover a business coaching relationship brings you valuable insights and immediate results after each session.
When you employ a coach, you bring more than just an outside observer to you and your team, you are hiring a dedicated professional that is passionate about making you the best. This means you will be challenged. This means that you will be stretched to reach ever higher. This means that you will learn to work smarter and be more productive than ever before. This means that you will become a LION!

As a new business owner, I contacted Erroin A. Martin of the Von Gehr Consulting Group (VGCG) for help with business start up, marketing development, business coaching and advice about the choices I had made to that point. The professional and thorough support I received from Erroin A. Martin eased my mind about being “alone” in the world of business.
  • Sheila S., Owner & Founder, Rocky Mountain Roots Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, Denver, Colorado

"Great! What should I expect?"

Expect to be challenged like never before!

Our Business Coaches will hold you accountable, will drive a demand in you for profits, will drive you to demand results, and demand you hold others accountable. Our business coaches will push you, cajole you and be there to applaud your successes.

A business coach knows that as a business owner or executive it can be very lonely at the top. At times when it comes for you to make a very important decision you need a sounding board. The coach is that objective sounding board for you. More importantly, a coach is someone who will keep you focused on the fundamentals that you have demonstrated and train you in new skills needed to keep you growing.

Our business coaches bring you a network of experienced mentors, powerful resources, and a level of insight that you can take advantage of when new opportunities arise.

A business coach is always focused on the success of you and your team. coaching provides a second expert opinion, another set of eyes, and backup authority to keep your team focused on achieving the company's goals. Primarily a coach is there to identify the obstacles in your path to achieving your success. Our coaches will give you the tools, skills, and guidance to get over those obstacles and stay on your path for financial success.

We will be your unbiased set of eyes to help you see the forest from the trees. We promise to digest the complex and deliver the simple plan of action that you can use even after our first session. (
Your first session is free!)

  • We will ask you the tough questions.
  • We will hold you to the highest standards.
  • We will always be there when you need us.

More importantly, as business coaches we recognize that your business, your market, your teams, and you are unique. We will
never force you into an out-of-the-box or flavor of the month coaching program. Our coaching programs are designed around you.
A VGCG business coach is always ready to share their experience and wisdom to help someone reach their highest potential!
  • Leticia C., Behaviorial Digital Strategist, Insights Digital

Your Affordable Solution

Business coaching is about giving you the tools to work smarter and not necessarily harder. Think about it. If you find yourself working currently long hours, no time to visit with friends or family, and feeling that you cannot keep your head above water, that is the time to reach for a business coach.

A business coach,
executive coach, or mentor is someone who teaches you the fundamentals of business. When you practice these fundamentals you will reach higher goals, you will make greater profits, and above all you will feel like you are in control.

When you engage a business coach, you have invested in yourself. Business coaching is a long term affordable solution that has
many benefits.

"How is this done?"

A coach provides you with a plan of action each time you meet with them. Developing a roadmap to keep you focused on your path to success. This roadmap can be as simple as building an effective sales team, schooling you in the fundamentals of your marketplace, or rebuilding the passion you had for your business.

When you are done with your coaching session you will fall in love again with your business. You will be motivated to challenge yourself and your team. You will be given definitive milestones to reach on your path towards your goals.
You will find a new balance to work and your life.

"What are the results?"

Based on a very large study done in 2009, many executives, business owners, and successful individuals who engage to coach typically saw a 3.44 times return on their initial investment.

These individuals discovered that they worked smarter, were more productive, and energized to achieve their goals. They rediscovered a love for their business with a passion they never had before! Many of these executives, actually 98% of them, rated their coaching experience as being one of the best parts of their positions.

The typical investment was 100 times less than hiring a consultant and 85 times less than seeking a therapist.

Simply put a coach is a valuable tool for any business.

Executive Coaches

Whether you are the business owner, corporate leader, or an executive, making decisions that define profitability and impact your teams can be very lonely. We recognize that you face unique, dynamic, and challenging decisions every day. Our Executive Coaches provide you with the skills, tools, and plans that can keep you and your teams focused on the primary goals of your business.

We know at times that you need a mentor, an unbiased ear, or an observer to help you achieve the greatest heights of your success. We establish a relationship with you in a short period of time so that you can hit the ground running.
We enjoy working with proven successful professionals like you. You have the track record of results, now let us coach you to the next levels of success!

executive coaching is about getting your goals, values, and skills aligned. We focus on your strengths and provide a detailed plan to overcome your weaknesses to make sure that you have every opportunity to succeed.

Business Plans Chart Growth

Business planning is the roadmap to your company's growth. We work with you to determine markets, pricing, marketing, sales, and financial direction to make your business plan the blueprint for increased profits.

Our comprehensive
Lion's Roar Business Planning Program is designed to be easily comprehended and simple to execute. After completing our Lion's Roar Business Planning Program, you will have the tools and skills to build a living actionable business plans for any market environment!

Business Consulting Services

Our business consultants provide you with world-class service. They work to completely understand the complexity and dynamic factors causing you to seek our services.

Our consulting provides you with valuable information and decision points that align with your corporate culture and its needs. Our
business consulting is designed to tell you what you do not already know and provide you with innovative plans.

We work to solve your problems, not to create new ones. The Von Gehr Consulting Group's affordable value-based pricing model keeps projects on task and returns on your investment incredibly high.

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